Maintenance care typically begins after a patient has completed Corrective Care at Verity or at another chiropractor. During this phase the patient’s symptoms may have completely disappeared but there is still much healing that needs to occur. Discontinuing care at this time could result in a relapse of symptoms and a return to spinal imbalance.  Spinal stability and strength improve as this phase progresses. The frequency of visits may begin to decrease as home exercises and stretches continue to aid in achieving lasting correction, resulting in improved quality of function and health. The visit frequency and length of this phase will differ for each individual patient, as no two people or their conditions are similar. The typical adult patient will begin this phase with 2 visits weekly and end with 1 visit weekly over a 2-3 month period of time.

Maintenance Techniques

Thompson Method
Webster Technique
ArthroStim What is this?

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