Jayci Qassis, Licensed Massage Therapist

Jayci Qassis is a Midwest native who grew up in a small town just south of Detroit, MI. She completed her bachelors of science degree in Psychology and Criminology at Florida State University.

Through personal research and experience she discovered a love for nutrition, which led her down the path of seeking homeopathic remedies in other areas of her life. She possesses her massage therapy and esthetician licenses, and has worked in chiropractic and holistic spa settings.

She believes the journey to achieving health must acknowledge the balance among mind, body, and soul. The human body is a remarkable mechanism that is perfect in its creation. We must simply utilize elements from nature through diet, activity, and medicine that allow our bodies to heal itself the way it was intended to do.

Jayci is currently attending school to further her educational goals, with intentions of pursuing a doctorate degree of naturopathic medicine. She wishes to utilize functional medicine so she can specialize in healing those who are suffering from chronic pain.

She is trained in therapeutic massage, deep tissue, reflexology, aromatherapy, cupping, and prenatal massage.

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