We use nutrition as a tool to improve a persons overall health and provide nutrition services to help you to accomplish your health and wellness goals. Similar to the spinal subluxation that causes dysfunction, there are many toxins and chemicals in our food supply and environment that will interfere with the body’s proper functioning. We want to help you enhance your wellness from every angle, so you can function optimally. Having a great nutritional balance is a big part of this! We use the same chiropractic principle of removing the interference to allow the body to heal naturally. When you remove what is unhealthy and replace that with the raw materials the body needs to function, the body has the innate ability to thrive. Whether you already have a health condition that you’re trying to manage. or just trying to optimize your health and prevent disease, we can help you find solutions.

Verity understands that cost is important so we use the most cost effective route to improve nutrition and overall health. The food that you consume is the best source of nutrition so we use your diet and eating habits as a starting point. Verity has a registered dietitian, Christy Merritt, who works alongside Dr. Montilla to ensure specific nutritional needs are being met. Christy works with specifically designed protocols to alleviate nutritional dysfunction and can help you to develop a plan that suites your specific nutritional needs. Each person’s recommendations for care and results will differ based on their history of health problems, lifestyle and commitment to living a healthier life. There are no contracts for care or hidden fees and the patient will ultimately decide the course of care that they desire.

We are here to guide you in taking better care of yourself and your family so that you can have a fuller, healthier life. Allow us to help you Experience True Health.

Thank you for allowing Verity Health Center to care for you and your family.

Nutrition Services Offered

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