While other chiropractic centers will just treat your symptoms, here at Verity Health Center we form a plan of action to provide corrective care. This type of care allows us to assist our patients to rid themselves of pain and discomfort in the long term, not simply the short term.

The Initial Correction Phase begins with the patient presenting for treatment in pain from a recent injury or a chronic condition.  The patient’s spine can be quite unstable during the beginning part of this phase. During this phase Chiropractic care is started gently, with lighter force techniques to provide care that is effective, yet as comfortable as possible. Since recent injuries and chronic conditions cause the spine to be out of balance and unstable, the spine often does not hold its corrective chiropractic adjustments well, requiring more frequent visits during this phase.

It is critical that patients keep their appointment recommendations and follow any lifestyle recommendations made by their Doctor to obtain the symptom relief and spinal stability necessary for proper healing to begin.

Although no two conditions and patients are exactly alike, the typical adult patient will need 2-3 visits per week for approximately 8-12 weeks depending on a variety of factors.

Corrective Techniques

Thompson Method
Webster Technique
ArthroStim What is this?

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