ARP stands for Accelerated Recovery and Performance. ARP wave Neuro Therapy treatment increases range of motion, decreases chronic pain, accelerates recovery time and improves physical performance.  All other therapies treat the physical symptoms and only provide temporary relief. ARP wave Neuro Therapy finds and treats the source of that pain, where it originated, and eliminates the physiological pain.

Unlike all other protocols, our patented and proprietary high frequency, bioelectrical system is able to diagnose and pinpoint the neurological origin of the physical pain symptoms. ARPwave Neuro Therapy treatment increases blood flow to scar tissue and/or the source of the pain and stimulates the soft tissues. It also creates new neuro patterns that re-train the nervous system, eliminate old muscle compensation patterns, and enhance the muscles ability to absorb force.  

ARPwave Neuro Therapy is 100% drug and opioid free. Our procedure works on solving the underlying neurological patterns creating the pain in our lives. We find the source of the pain and retrain the neuro pathways to end it. With ARPwave Neuro Therapy there is less need for invasive, painful surgeries and the rehab resulting from them.

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