Annie Justmann, RDN, LDN

Annie Justmann is a 2015 graduate from The Ohio State University (OSU) with her bachelors degree in Dietetics and a minor in Integrative Approaches to Health and Wellness. She completed her Dietetic Internship at OSU and is a Registered Dietitian. In addition to Annie’s passion for food and nutrition, she has a true love for fitness and is a Certified Personal Trainer.

Annie’s passion for health is personal to her and stems from being overweight as an adolescent. After going to several doctors throughout her childhood, she was finally diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), which is due to an endocrine imbalance. Annie choose to not let this struggle define her. Instead, she took ownership of the condition, sought help from the right people in the community, and become healthy. Dealing with this condition taught Annie the basic tools to become healthy, which ultimately drove her in the direction of her career and passion. Since then, Annie has lead a healthy lifestyle day in and day out, with nutritious foods and regular physical activity. Not only does she know how important these things are for staying healthy, but she knows how good they makes her feel, both physically and mentally.

Annie is wholeheartedly committed to helping others reach their ultimate state of well-being. She wants to help you find the right foods that you enjoy, and a fitness plan that you can have FUN with. Annie would love to help lead you along your health journey by teaching you how to make small changes, that make a real difference, and lead to a lifestyle of sustainable health and wellness.

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